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    make text field longer



      make text field longer


      Dear All,


      Is there any way we can make the size of text field flexible ( longer when the text is longer and move the bellow objects further downP.  For example

      When I type in the text field a long paragraph the text field should get longer and all other objects under that text field should move done.



      Any Idea appreciated. 


      Please let me know if my explanation is not clear.


      Thanks in advance


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          Some other database applications allow you to set a property so that a field can "grow" and/or "shrink". In Filemaker we can set it to "shrink" when the field is previewed or printed, but we can't set it to "grow" and the change is not visible in Browse mode. :smileysad:


          The best you can do that I am aware of, is to make your text field large enough to display all the text of even an extensive entry, then use Format | Set Sliding/Printing to set the field to "slide up" and "also reduce the size of the enclosing part". Since this often creates a layout that is awkward for data entry, you may have to create two layouts, one for data entry, with an averaged sized text field and one for printing, with an extremely large text field that "slides up".

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            Dear PhilModJunk


            Thanks a lot. it worked.