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Make unstored calculation store a value

Question asked by Nehme on Mar 28, 2014
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Make unstored calculation store a value



     I need your help to make an unstored calculation store a certain value. I am using the Filemaker Pro Advanced 13.

     I have a field (named "Assessment") that I want to hide if the "Lock" field = 1.

     Lock field is an unstored calculation:
     Case (
     Current Date   ≥  Auto Lock date

     Current Date: Unstored calculation: get (CurrentDate). This will allow it to always update.
     Auto Lock date: Stored calculation that generates a fixed date in the future.

     I am trying to make the Lock field keep the value of 1 once it gets to the value of 1.

     The problem is that if the user changes the date of his computer back to a value that is < Auto Lock date, the Current Date will also update and the Lock field will be empty again and the Assessment field will show again.

     I tried different calculations but none of them worked to store the value of 1, such as:

     Case (
     Current Date   ≥  Auto Lock date
     Lock = 1; 1)

     Can we generated a calculation that keeps the Lock value 1 (once Lock = 1, it will remain 1 even if Current Date < Auto Lock date).

     Thank you for your help.