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Make your spouse linkable to their profile

Question asked by ScottWright on Jun 29, 2011
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Make your spouse linkable to their profile


I have a contacts management database running and I have a question.

I would like to add a spouse field on the page, but would like to click on the spouse to goto their profile or contact details.  Is that possible?

I would want to maybe browse the cm db for the spouse to fill into that field.


Doe, John, fill in the address and all that good stuff

Spouse: [click here] to search for the spouse and it would bring up the index where you can select the spouse.


Applebe, Sara

Doe, John

Doe, Zoie

Smith, Tom

Zoie Doe can be selected to fill the Spouse field, but if I am in John Doe's profile but I want to go to Zoie Doe's profile, I could click an icon next to the field and would automatically go to her profile