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Make your spouse linkable to their profile - teething problems

Question asked by DanDavison on Jan 26, 2012
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Make your spouse linkable to their profile - teething problems


Hi so I used the below step to create the link, brilliant - worked perfectly. Now my issue is that I would like the conected spouse to automatically populate the original contact as their spouse, and then also populate the original contacts address information across, and finally populate a field named 'secondary contact' so that when doing mail out's etc I can omit the spouses details. 

Any help would be amazing, as currently I have done a 'fix' in having copy scripts set up so that I can at least paste the info across manually.


"Now you can set up this relationship:

Contacts::SpouseID = Spouses::ContactID

Spouses would be a new table occurrence of Contacts that you create by selecting Contacts in Manage | Database | Relationships and then clicking the button with two green plus signs. You can double click the new occurrence to bring up a dialog box where you can rename it.

Then you can format SpouseID on your layout with a pop-up menu or drop down list of ContactID's that also displays contact names. You can add name fields from Spouses to display the spouse name once their ID is selected in the SpouseID field. A button next to it can use Go To Related Records to either jump you to their contact record, or bring it up in a floating window."