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making a "find" button

Question asked by pugmum on Feb 7, 2010
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making a "find" button


I'm almost done a little program to keep track of customers who are behind in payments on their payment plans. The final step is what I'm having trouble with. I have a field called "Status" and because of calculations I've programmed in, the Status can either be "Late" or "On Time." I can get the person to just go into find mode and enter "Late" in the Status field to find all of the customers who are behind on payments but thought it would be nice to automate this using a button. I think I'm off to the right start by making a button and assigning a script to it. I think all I need is a bit of help with the script. I just want someone to click that button and then have all of the records come up that have a status marked "Late". Can someone help me with this?


Thanks :-)