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Making a calculation field modifiable?

Question asked by precociousninja on Apr 7, 2010
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Making a calculation field modifiable?


Anyone know a way to make a calculation filed modifiable.  I have a calculation that lists several text items in a comma seperated list, but I want to be able to modify the list if it is not what i want. 


Here is the exact situation: I work for a record label, and we have databases for our bands.  In the database the list calcualtion as aforementioned shows the bands that play before and after our bands (omiting our band from the list).  However, sometimes our bands are playing festivals, and the bands we want to mention are the headlining bands/bands of similar style.  Often times the bands before and after our bands are not the ones we want to mention. Thus after the calculation runs its course, I need to be able to delete all of the information becasue I don't want to list tiny baby bands in a press report. 


I was wondering if there is a way to create a field that copies the contents of another field w/o using a calculation to do so.  If there is, I can set a new field to redisplay the data from the list, but since it's not a calc, I can modify it. 


Any thoughts/solutions?


I am indebetted to these forums already from earlier today, but I hope I still get a little love.


Sorry, this is the first time I have worked with filemaker and I although I have a "The Missing Manual" book, i still hit a few cruxes from time to time.