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    Making a Document Interface



      Making a Document Interface


       I have a question regarding the possible data association betyween two programs.

      The first is FMK 11 pro - a relational database prog

      The 2nd is  OmniForm 5.0 - a Form making / fill in program.

      I would like to know, does FMK allow for me to 1. Open a container and import a copy of a "report form"

      into the container.  Hopefully, I will be able to call on the report in the container and increase it

      in size, to see the full form in larger sizes.

      2. If I have identical fields in FMK and O.Form, Do you think I might be able to work in FMK and when

         need it, I can either paste or export the FMK info to fill in the O.Form without typing the info. in TWICE?

      3. Is this an advanced fesature?



      AND how difficult would it be to

      1.  Have a FMK 11 container window show the finished  OmniForm report  within OmniFormand 2. be able to
      create a table that would allow to fill in the blanks by TAB locations. This would help from
      using FMK DB and having to redo (making it twice) to  portion and the Omni Form

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          I'm not familiar with OmniForm, but doubt that there are any built in ways to move data from FileMaker to OmniForm or vice versa. You may find that OminForm can import data from a typical data exchange file format such as tab delimitted, csv, xml, or Excel. Since FileMaker can export into such formats, you may be able to export from FileMaker and import into OmniForm.

          I don't think you can display the OminForm file in the container field so that you can see its contents. You can with a PDF of the form on Macs and you can display PDF contents in a web viewer on both platforms.

          Also, if you insert the OmniForm file into a container field with the "store by reference" option, you can double click the container field to open the file in OmniForm for editing.

          Given those limitations, why do you need to use OmniForm in the first place? Perhaps there's a way to use FileMaker that eliminates the need for this application.

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            Oh, yes,

            But our company uses Omni Form for its needs, and It appears I will need to just continue using it as

            a second double entry program. Thanks for the input and the suggestions.