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Making a dynamic priority list

Question asked by projay on Apr 29, 2012
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Making a dynamic priority list


Whats the best way to create a Dynamic priority list?

For example I have a check off system....

Field 1: product ordered [YES] [NO]
Field 2: product chcecked in [YES] [NO]
Field 3; art status [PROOF] [APPROVED]

What my goal is to apply a numerical value to each choice so the job moves up on the priority list.

For example if product ordered is a [YES] than I would like to give that a value of 2 if [NO] than a value of 1 and so forth...
and have that value calculated in a field called priority and have it sorted and so causing it to be dynamic when ever it changes.

Well hope that makes sense...if any questions please let me know.

Thanks in advance!