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    Making a dynamic priority list



      Making a dynamic priority list


      Whats the best way to create a Dynamic priority list?

      For example I have a check off system....

      Field 1: product ordered [YES] [NO]
      Field 2: product chcecked in [YES] [NO]
      Field 3; art status [PROOF] [APPROVED]

      What my goal is to apply a numerical value to each choice so the job moves up on the priority list.

      For example if product ordered is a [YES] than I would like to give that a value of 2 if [NO] than a value of 1 and so forth...
      and have that value calculated in a field called priority and have it sorted and so causing it to be dynamic when ever it changes.

      Well hope that makes sense...if any questions please let me know.

      Thanks in advance!



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          As long as you don't have a large number of fields to work with, a simple way to accomplish this is to use radio buttons from a value list, for each of the fields and then total them with a calculation field, numeric results and unstored results, with a formula like this:

          If ( Field 1 = "Yes" ; 1 ; 0 ) + If ( Field 2 = "Yes" ; 1 ; 0 ) + If ( Field 3 = "Approved" ; 1 ; 0 )

          A large number of fields might get burdensome to keep track of but, you can use and text and any result. You might have field that you want to weight and have No=2 and Yes=4, or more than two possibilities, in which case a Case statement will work better.

          If you have a large number of fields you might consider a separate table with the benchmarks showing in a static portal and the total being a Sum function in a field on the main record. One advantage of the separate table is you can track who and when each benchmark was changed.

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            Bumper's suggested calculation is easier for the novice to read so you may want to stick with it. But if you'd like to simplify it, it could be rewritten as:

            ( Field 1 = "Yes" ) + ( Field 2 = "Yes"  ) + ( Field 3 = "Approved" )

            Boolean expressions, (Expressions like those in the parenthesis that return results of either True or False), will evaluate as 1 for True and 0 for False so the above gives you the same totals and doesn't require If functions. You can 'weight' the results by multiplying a one of the terms in parenthesis by a constant if you need to.

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              Thanks Bumper and Phil, I went ahead and used the "case" remark and that did the trick.  Just what the doctor ordered!

              Much thanks,