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    Making a field NOT round



      Making a field NOT round


           I am using Filemaker Pro 12's  Expenses Report template, and I made a global field that always contains the number .505 as the rate per mile.  However, in browse mode it has rounded to .51.  How do I stop filemaker from rounding my numbers?  

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               No such rounding should take place unless someone specifically took steps to make this happen.

               Do you see 0.505 if you click or tab into that field?

               If so: They shouldn't display as rounded values unless you used the Data formatting on the Inspector's data tab to specify a fixed number of decimal places (2 in this case).

               If not: Look for either a an auto-enter caculation that rounds the value in the field or a script trigger that is performing a script that rounds the value.

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                 Yes, you were right!  When I clicked into the field, .505 showed up.  I went into layout and looked at data formatting and sure enough it was preset to fixed number of decimals with a 2 entered in next to it.  Templates! - the nerve!   I'm guessing this means I have to go through every layout and change the settings.  

                 Thank you!