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    Making a graph with data from a portal



      Making a graph with data from a portal


           Hello everybody, 

           First of all, thanks for helping me to solve this problem:

      I have a table embedded as a portal in my FM database . This table contains  many products, with the date of usage (beginning and ending)  for each product.  

      One product might appear on many different line at different period of time ( each defined with a date of beginning and ending).

      I want to calculate the duration of usage of each product but not only line by line but a cumulated duration. 
      I then want to use this information to make a graph in bars that will include the cumulated duration of each  product one by one.

      Waiting for your comments and input...


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               For a chart where each plotted point represents data computed from a group of records, you'll need to either base your layout on the portal's table so that you can use the "summarized data" data source option or you'll need to set up the layout's table with one record for each group that matches to the desired group so that you can plot the value of aggregate functions such as sum, count, average....