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Making a home page style layout with portals

Question asked by gizmocreative on Jun 18, 2012
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Making a home page style layout with portals


Hi Everyone, 


I have been on filemaker for almost a year now and have mangaed to make quite a decent little database that does almost everything i need, but i think there are a few areas that i think i might need a bit of a leg up with. I have done many searches, but i think maybe the way i describe the issue i am trying to sort might be detrimental to my searches. I'll try to describe the best I can and if there is further clarrification I will supply it.

Firstly, I run a graphic design department so I have created a portion of my database in the following parent -< child structure


customers -< orders -< graphics items >- Graphics department


so customers can have many orders, each order might have different graphics items that could be worked on at different times. The graphics department is essentially a home page with portals on it showing lists of all jobs based on the filters from certain status of all jobs.

so the conept i am wondering about mostly is that the graphics department page is just a single parent record that EVERY graphics item is the child of. I have a few departments that run off this concept where different departments in the business have a "home page" that filters EVERY order or graphics item. the way i work it is i create a record for the home page, so it's ID becomes 1. the way i work the child records is for EVERY record I have a field with the same ID name and it has a calculation that just = 1.

is that the regular procedure for this sort of thing? i havent found much infomration on using one record as a filter for all records in the database. Most of the departments run pretty quickly but there are a couple that run super slow. the slowest is my accounts department one which is a slightly simpler relationship:

customers -< orders >- accounts

orders and accounts are related through AccountsID where the accounts record is a single record and every order has an auto-enter field that enters the number 1. i think the speed slows down a lot due to the filters on the portal rely on fields that are all calculations. there is also some small calculations in the filter.

I understand without seeing the database itself this could be difficult, so im wondering if anyone else uses this single record filtering every record method and if they have a better or faster way to access a list of every record filtered down to certain criteria.

I would also like to find sonmething similar for reporting, rather than show every record, just a filtered list of records, but i think the first issue is my most pressing


thanks for your time and I hope I havent been too confusing.