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    Making a home page style layout with portals



      Making a home page style layout with portals


      Hi Everyone, 


      I have been on filemaker for almost a year now and have mangaed to make quite a decent little database that does almost everything i need, but i think there are a few areas that i think i might need a bit of a leg up with. I have done many searches, but i think maybe the way i describe the issue i am trying to sort might be detrimental to my searches. I'll try to describe the best I can and if there is further clarrification I will supply it.

      Firstly, I run a graphic design department so I have created a portion of my database in the following parent -< child structure


      customers -< orders -< graphics items >- Graphics department


      so customers can have many orders, each order might have different graphics items that could be worked on at different times. The graphics department is essentially a home page with portals on it showing lists of all jobs based on the filters from certain status of all jobs.

      so the conept i am wondering about mostly is that the graphics department page is just a single parent record that EVERY graphics item is the child of. I have a few departments that run off this concept where different departments in the business have a "home page" that filters EVERY order or graphics item. the way i work it is i create a record for the home page, so it's ID becomes 1. the way i work the child records is for EVERY record I have a field with the same ID name and it has a calculation that just = 1.

      is that the regular procedure for this sort of thing? i havent found much infomration on using one record as a filter for all records in the database. Most of the departments run pretty quickly but there are a couple that run super slow. the slowest is my accounts department one which is a slightly simpler relationship:

      customers -< orders >- accounts

      orders and accounts are related through AccountsID where the accounts record is a single record and every order has an auto-enter field that enters the number 1. i think the speed slows down a lot due to the filters on the portal rely on fields that are all calculations. there is also some small calculations in the filter.

      I understand without seeing the database itself this could be difficult, so im wondering if anyone else uses this single record filtering every record method and if they have a better or faster way to access a list of every record filtered down to certain criteria.

      I would also like to find sonmething similar for reporting, rather than show every record, just a filtered list of records, but i think the first issue is my most pressing


      thanks for your time and I hope I havent been too confusing.




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          Using a 1 field is a method for matching to all records that dates all the way back to FileMaker 3, the first version released that functioned as a relational database.

          It still works today and you can find many databases that still use it.

          There is an alternative that can be used.

          You can double click the relationship line between graphics department and Graphic Items and change the = operator to the cartesian join operator: X.

          This matches any record in Graphics Department to all records in Graphic Items just like a 1 field, but now the fields used and their values no longer have to match. You can even define dummy fields in both tables, set up the X relationship and then delete the dummy fields from the tables and the relationship will still work. I think this relationship will work even if there are no records in Graphics Department.

          I doubt that using 1 with = or this other option with X will have much if any effect on the speed issues you are seeing. Most likely, the calculations used in the filter portal are what are slowing things down.

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            thanks for that, I will look into this further and if i hit any hiccups in regards to the speed issues, i might try and find a more suitable explanation to describe the issue


            thanks again