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Making a list from two different fields

Question asked by AlexWhyte on Nov 24, 2011
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Making a list from two different fields


Hello, Hopefully someone can help.

On one of my layouts I'm trying to construct a table that will make a list, it has to do with race times.  The information being added to the database is:  Racer's Name, Race 1 - finish time, Race 1 - time judge,  Race 2 - finish time, Race 2 - time judge.

When all the data is entered there will be 15 different runners and each runner will have 2 race times.

Eg.  John Smith    1:35    AW       1:42    AW  (These are all 5 different fields),

etc... x15

I would like to use this data and make a list of the racer's times from fastest to slowest.  There are 15 racers so this list will have 30 rows, therefore each racers name will be down twice.


Runners Name   Time    Time Judge

John Smith       1:35        AW

Mike Jones        1:36        AW

Peter Smith       1:39        MJ

John Smith        1:42        AW

Mike Jones        1:44        MJ

Peter Smith      1:53         AW


I can make a chart that has the racers names beside race 1 results and time judge 1,  but I don't know how to incorporate the race 2 results in the same field as race 1 results.  Hopefully this makes sense

Much appreciated   Thank you!