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    Making a living from database design



      Making a living from database design


           I enjoy using Filemaker Pro 12 and designing databases but could I make a good living from it.

           I have used Filemaker for about 6 months so my skills levels are fairly good.

           I welcome your comments, good or bad.  

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               That remains a question? Not be cliché, but that depends on you. Here is my thinking; go ahead and get your FileMaker Developer Certification. Don’t rely on people having to only take your word for your skills. Companies (Jobs) can work better assessing you with standardized credentials. “Dive in”, start working the job market, Start your own business (maybe fit it to a particular industry). By all means harness what you say “I enjoy using FileMaker Pro 12 and designing databases”, this sounds like a form of passion to me. I tend to feel like whatever you are doing, passion (if you have it) is the most important part. Having some passion is really in your favor.