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    Making a reference to an external file



      Making a reference to an external file


           Please forgive my general ignorance in asking this quesiton. I used to work quite a bit in FileMaker Pro (going back to FP3 and continuing through FP6). I've had less occasion to in recent years, so my skills are more than a little rusty!

           The latest version I have access to is FMP10. I have an Excel file with information about songs that have made the Billboard Hot 100 charts (e.g., artist, title, when the song entered the charts, peak position, etc.). I have imported this data into a FileMaker Pro database I created many years ago that displays this information in a useful way.

           I also have the songs themselves, in the form of .mp3 files. What I want to do is to store a reference to each song file in its appropriate record, without actually making the song file a part of the database. This database is strictly for my own use, so all files would be resident on my hard drive.

           I'm guessing a container field is involved in some way, but I can't figure out how to link that field to the .mp3 file in question, as opposed to importing the song file itself into the database.

           Would someone be kind enough to explain the steps I need to take to do this? Thank you very much in advance.


      FMP 10

      Mac OS 10.8.4

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               Howdy Mike,

               Just for your own use, you can right click (PC assumed) on the container and select "Insert File" then select from the folder architecture to find your file.

               FWIW, FMP12 has drag and drop.

               I would recommend checking the box at the bottom of the file architecture "Insert File" dialog and store just the reference to the file.  No sense storing it twice.

               Outside of this, you could instead use a button for "Insert File" to do the same thing.

               And double clicking it afterwards (assuming file reference only) will play the file using whatever player you have associated with the file.

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                 K, now I reread your post and you clearly say MAC OS...

                 The steps will be similar I'm sure, but I don't do mac.  perhaps another will give specifics for mac, or maybe I've given you enough to run with on your own...

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                   With the focus in the container field (click it), you'll find several options for inserting a file into the container field. You can experiment with Insert QuickTime and Insert File to see which works better for you. (Insert QuickTime, I think, automatically inserts the file "by reference".).

                   There's also a key to hold down (Option?) while clicking that will produce the same pop up menu Ninja describes for windows if you aren't useing a two button mouse.


                        FWIW, FMP12 has drag and drop.

                   Yes, but this will not insert a reference to the file--it will embed a copy--and it's the equivalent of choosing insert picture from the insert menu.