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Making a Report with multiple types

Question asked by SuzieMuchnick on Nov 27, 2011
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Making a Report with multiple types


I am not sure how to describe my problem.

Here is the situation. I have a list of plants. Each of those plants can be a Shrub, or a Patio Tree. Some of these plants can be both. I assign the plant type using a value list. The value list values are like this: Shrub, Patio Tree, Shrub or Patio Tree (this is the same plant pruned or grown to have a shrb shade or a small tree shape).

It is the desired report that is causing me agita. I know how to do submummary reports and now that I have FM11 I see the reports on screen without going to Preview mode. Hooray!

The screenshot gives a better idea of what I want. This report is sorted on Type. See where it shows 'Tree or Patio Tree'? That is not what I want. In fact, I don't want a 'Tree or Patio Tree' subsummary at all. I want, for example, Caesalpinia to appear under Tree and I want it to appear under Patio Tree. Same record, appearing twice. 

Why do I need this to look like this? Siplicity. This report sees very wide circulation and if people want to find Patio Trees I want them to have a list of Patio Trees. Having 'A or B' introduces too many questions. Simple is best here.

This seems so simple but I cannot figure  it out? Do I need to re-think the Category and associated Value LIst? But then how do I get the same plant to appear in two categories? I thought about using a script and I know how to loop around and get the plant names, but I don't see how to get the report to llook the way I need it to look. I also thought about portals, which I sort of understand, but I am decidedly not clear on how to do self-join relationships which, unless I am wrong, is the thing that I might need here.