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Making a Runtime App questions

Question asked by aammondd on Jun 10, 2011
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Making a Runtime App questions


Ive been reading about creating Runtime Solutions FMP 11 Adv.

And I think I get it but I was wondering if any of you experts out there have any tips  with reguard to doing this.

My app is fairly small and self contained its not inteneded to be multi user.

My areas of weakness in development are with Custom Menu sets and if it should run in Kisok mode or not.

Basicly as my self training exercise in this area I build a little checkbook register database that incorporates a number of features that I have developed for my other ventures. I want to be able to give this app to my wife who handles the checkbook but doesnt have FM on her computer.

Just looking for any suggestions. This app is not a UI/Data split solution. My other probably will be and are there issues with doing it this way?

Any input is appreciated.