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    Making a script run in all records



      Making a script run in all records


      I built a script to insert text if a fiield is empty. But it only does one field at a time. How do I have it check all fields?

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          If you have one field, Field1 and you want to put the same value in every record in the table where Field1 is empty:

          Perform a find, using a lone = in Field1 to find all records where Field1 is empty.
          Use Replace Field Contents (this is NOT find/replace) from the records menu to put your specified value in every record in your found set.

          This can be done manually or you can write a script.

          If you have several fields, Field1, field2.... in the same records where you need to do this, repeat this process for each such field.

          Note: since Replace Field Contents can modify literally 1000's of records in a table and cannot be undone, make a back up copy of your file befor trying this for the first time so that you can start over if you don't get the results you expected.