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    Making a Search Window



      Making a Search Window



           I have a work order database and im trying to make a search (find) window.

           you click a button and it brings up a window to search preset areas.


           ex *click button*

           What are you looking for?

           customer: ___________

           serial #: _____________

           PO #: _______________

           Part description: _____________


           and as long as one of the fields are defined it will perform search.


           do i need to make another layout and when button clicked, open in new window? with a cancel find and perform find button.


           Thanks in advance



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               Not necessay but it is a clean and easy way to do it.  You might inclued a AND OR and NOT button too if your User understand those.


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                 The users for the database I am making are not computer literate so i am trying to make it as easy as possible

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                   It will be a simple AND type find, which is normally ok.


                   If they try and enter more than one field in you example they all have to match.  For Example...

                   Customer  will be Smi   AND  they also enter

                   PO# will be  76644   then both of those field will have to be TRUE to find a record.

                   Please note that mulitple records could be found also.


                   PS: It is still a good approachyes

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                     Here is a thread with quite a few scripted find examples: Scripted Find Examples

                     They all use data entered into global fields to enter search criteria into find requests. Your "search form" can be a collection of such global fields. You can pop up a modal window with these fields on in, change to a layout with these fields or you can put the global fields on the same layout where you want to see the results. The basic script used is the same.

                     I've included a screen shot of such a modal window that I use for setting up reports.