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Making a semicolon delineated CSV file

Question asked by JoeSand on Sep 3, 2013
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Making a semicolon delineated CSV file


     Hi all!  A search of the forum tells me that Filemaker (11) still has no provision for creating a semicolon delineated CSV file.  Is this true?  Assuming it is, I'm interested in what created (read "easy") ways people have gotten around this.

     In the "old days" I remember a plug-in that allowed multiple writes to the same text file, so I would have built it up one line at a time.  Alternatively, I could create, say, a global field, write one line at a time to it, then export the field to a file.

     I need to export about 30 fields, most with only a few characters, some with a paragraph or two, for about 8000 records... basically it's all the product data being exported to PrestaShop, so I'm not sure if this would tax the capacity of a single field.

     Any thoughts are appreciated