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    Making a summary page help



      Making a summary page help


      I'm trying to start a summary page and I'm not sure how to start it.  Please look at screen shoot of this other program. This exactly what I'm  looking  for. Is it a bunch of summary calculations or more to it then that. I would like it to calculate on its own without searching or finding records. A point in the right direction would be great.


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          See these threads:

          Sum_Calculation based on condition  "Sum IF", ways to selectively sum groups of related records

          FMP 12 Tip: Summary Recaps (Portal Subtotals) Using ExecuteSQL to compute totals and subtotals

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            Thanks for the info I got most of them to work but now I am stuck with The "Bridesmaid ready for order" so heres my logic,  say you have 5 Bridesmaids in a Party and we won't order a bridesmaid dress until the whole party has paid and ordered. So I have a field that has "No. of Bridesmaids" ( Registration::No.Bridesmaids) this should "equal" the number of related records In the Party ID which ALSO only equals "BRIDESMAIDS" (since we have other gown, Like Bridal, mothers, tuxedos, etc) So Once all those stipulations are met. Than the summary adds a 1 count "Bridesmaid Ready for order"

            I have figured  this sql statement

            SELECT a."PARTY ID MATCH"
            FROM "Customers" a
            INNER JOIN "Registration" b ON a."PARTY ID MATCH" = b."PARTY ID"
            WHERE a."Role" = "BRIDESMAID"

            This Finds all Bridesmaids from all PARTY ID'S,

            where I am Stumped

            So now I feel I need to make a found count for each related "PARTY ID"

            Then once that found count equals "Registration::No.Bridesmaids"

            Then it makes 1 count.

            Then once I place the order or orders the count goes back to zero.

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              Is the total you are after here, the total for one wedding event or across a group of many such events?

              To insert data from your current record into the query, you can use the optional ? parameter so you may be able to use that as part of your WHERE clause but I'm not user I understand exactly what total you are after here.

              and the Count function can be used to count the number of records returned by your query in either table a or table by by counting the match field.

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                The end result  I am looking is a "when a single wedding events bridesmaid party order is ready to be placed"(kind of queue of wedding event orders)  so that could be one wedding event, two ,or three etc.   ( so One Wedding event, Many bridesmaids)

                an example

                The smith wedding party has  4 bridesmaids,

                They just registered their wedding and 1 of their bridesmaids has paid for their bridesmaid dress, so now I need 3 more Bridesmaids to come in before I actually place the order. Once those 3 bridesmaid come in and pay, now time to place that order. 

                I would get a prompt of a value of 1 wedding event letting me know that I will need to place the order for those 4 Bridesmaids in that wedding event. If I had other wedding events that had had all their bridesmaids in it would add each other wedding event to the queue.

                Hope that helps you understand.

                FYI.... the reason we order bridesmaid dresses all together instead of one by one is to get a consistent dye lot from a manufacture so all the dress come from the same bolt of fabric. If this was not done, we would get different shades.


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                  This the new statement that I came up with

                  SELECT a."PARTY ID MATCH", b."No BM", COUNT(*)
                  FROM "Customers" a
                  INNER JOIN "Registration" b ON a."PARTY ID MATCH" = b."PARTY ID"
                  WHERE a."Role" = "BRIDESMAID AND b."No BM" = COUNT(a."PARTY ID MATCH")
                  GROUP  BY a."PARTY ID MATCH", b."No BM"

                  But the Bold Underlined is making an error"?".

                  If I could get that to work and it tell me the sum of records found that would give me the right answer.