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    Making Adjustments to the Invoice Template



      Making Adjustments to the Invoice Template


           I am currently using the Invoice template that FileMaker Pro provides because it works well for what I need it for.  But I do want to make some adjustments and I don't know where to start. 

           1. When an item is selected from the drop down list, I want the price ($) to show up under the "Unit Price".  The "Quantity" is displayed automatically.  How can this be done?

           2. The template provides a "tax" checkbox.  Not all item from the drop down list require a tax.  For those items that need to be taxed, I want the "Tax" check box to be checked.  How can this be done. 

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               There are at least 3 different Invoices starter solution, one was released with FileMaker 11, one with version 12 and a third one with version 13. So it helps to identify the version of FileMaker that you are using when you ask about a "starter solution" file. From the screen shot, I can tell that you are using Filemaker 13.

               1) That should happen automatically with no need to change the design of the database. Just be sure that you have entered a price for the selected Product in the products table.

               2) Like the Price, this is a check box that you can click for each product record you create in the products table.

               For both 1) and 2), you can add new products and specify the price and whether the item is taxable on the Product Details layout.