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making art collection archive - barcoded

Question asked by alexverhaest on Jan 7, 2010
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making art collection archive - barcoded


Hi all,


My case is the following:


I have created an archive of a art collection in Bento 3. Due to it`s limits, I decided to switch to Filemaker pro.

I would Like to create a barcode for each work. And I would like to have filemaker be able to search on barcode. 

I don`t have a barcode-scanner (yet) but I found The Cocoa barcoding app that works with any firewire webcam. So I was planning to use my isight as reader.  


So my questions are:

- is this possible with filemaker  

- Is it necessary to buy a barcode scanner? Anyone experiences with the cocoa app?

- are there any good online tutorials for creating and reading barcodes in filemaker

- would it be possible to do this with Bento? (just checking ;-) )