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making buttons from tables

Question asked by nolak37 on Nov 13, 2009
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making buttons from tables


Hi everyone,


Im not sure if this is possible but im trying to make an option on a project im worling on where the users can make or add buttons to a layout. These buttons are gonna be used to insert text to a field, I know hot to create these buttons and have them do just that however it seems the process is gonna be too long and complicated for the users of this database.


Here is what I was thinking


On the original layout add a button that opens a new table and go to a layout i have in table view fot the table "buttons" where each record of this table will be a button.



     Button ID

     Button Name



Once here all they need to do is add a new record and then close the window. Going back to the original layout.


What i dont know is how  can have the buttons automatically added to the original layout.


I tried adding a portal but this doesnt seem to work, the portal just displays empty. (maybe my relation between the tables is wrong)


I also tried adding a checkbox field and display values from that table, this almost worked fine, the only problem is that as i check the different options they get added as lists and i can only select an option once, when what I need is to display there sentences together to make one long sentence or paragraph.


Ive been looking for alternative ways but ive only been using FM for 3 weeks and am completely stuck.


By the way i have FMpro 10


Any Ideas Help