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    Making content of a field searchable



      Making content of a field searchable


      I have a field containing several names (each line is separated by a return). The content of this field changes sometimes. I would like to be able to click on any name (line) and make a search for that name in the same field through out all records. How do I accomplish this? or at least what should I be looking for? (looping through the field and puting it into a portal and ?)

      Thank you


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          Hi Fernando,

          Why are multiple names within the same field?  Is this a value list (checkbox)?  Ideally, the names should be records. 

          If you could explain more about your tables so we can understand the purpose, context and structure, it will help us help you. :^)

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            At the end of this post there is a link to a clone with some 30 records. The database is a movie catalog, and the field I'm asking about is the "Actors" field. In this field I start by putting the names of the actors I know about, and this is later increased. I would like to collect the data from the "Actors" field in another field (that is updated every time I change something in the Actors field) and be able to click on a name in order to search the rest of the database for films the actors have been starring in.

            At the moment I'm using the "Search" tab (top right - press command 9) to search for anything in the database


            Thanks for your interest.

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              Hi Fernando,

              When I go to your Field Definitions, this is what I see:

              Multiple fields with the same name except a number after them, example:

              P Add Songs 01
              P Add Songs 02

              .. an so on (at least 20 fields are duplicated with different numbers).  The fact that you are duplicating MANY fields with numbers after them indicates one thing: Your stucture is incorrect.  These multiple fields should be records in a related table.  You have 584 fields in this one table when it should have (at most) probably 50. Even your calculations have turned into nightmares similar to this one calc example of yours:

              If(IsEmpty(P D01); ""; GetAsText(P D01) & "¶") &
              If(IsEmpty(P D02); ""; GetAsText(P D02) & "¶") &
              If(IsEmpty(P D03); ""; GetAsText(P D03) & "¶") &
              If(IsEmpty(P D04); ""; GetAsText(P D04) & "¶") &

              ...  I suggest that you step back from your design and learn the basics of relational theory and how, with FileMaker, you create one-to-many (1:n) relationships.  I can assure you that you will hit dead-ends at every turn with your current structure and it will require 50 times the effort to create your solution, as it would if it was structured properly.  I am sorry to bring the bad news but I must be honest here. 

              Any time you find yourself creating several 'like' fields, it is sure sign that you are going down an incorrect path and that those 'like' fields should be records in a related table.

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                Hi LaRetta

                OK, thanks for your advice.