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Making Custom Serial Numbers

Question asked by tshirts886 on Jul 23, 2013
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Making Custom Serial Numbers


     Hello Everyone,

     I have two tables "Customers" and "Files". The customers table contains customer info and each customer is given a regular 4 digit serial number. The files table contains files that belong to a specific customer. What I would like to achieve is to give each "file" a serial number containing of the related customers reference number a - then a 3 digit number. The problem I am having though is that I would like each customers files to be numbered 001 and so on. For example:


     Customer 0056 would have files 0056-001, 0056-002, 0056-003 and so on.

     Customer 1234 would have files 1234-001, 1234-002, 1234-003 and so on.

     Does this make sense?