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making fields respond to values in other records

Question asked by ijontichy on Jan 7, 2009
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making fields respond to values in other records


I'm hoping there is a simple solution to this, but it evades me.

I work on film and video projects and I'd like a way to easily generate what is known as an "EDL" or edit decision list.

Here is the information that a typical EDL includes in the following order:

Source Tape
Tracks edited
source tc start (tc stands for timecode--the unique address of a frame)
source tc finish
record tc start
record tc finish

or, as an example:

001 VTR001 VA1A2 05:23:14:06 05:23:16:09   01:00:00:00 01:00:02:03
002 VTR003 VA1A2 07:04:10:00 07:04:14:00   01:00:02:03 01:00:06:03

So in essence, this list places two video clips of approximately 2 seconds each onto a timeline, one after the other.

My problem lies in the record TC start and finish, as I need them to calculate and CHANGE based on shot sort order.

How can I define a field for the record TC start such that it takes the Record tc finish value from the previous record in a sort?   I can then calculate the out value based on the length of the source tc values and continue to build my list.

And, in a sort, how can that same field be made "aware" that it is the FIRST field in the sort and insert a value of tc 00:00:00:00 (or whatever starting timecode I desire).

I will clarify further if necessary, but in essence, how can I define a calculation that is based on a previous record and how do I make that same field aware that there is NO previous record and should instead use a value that I give it?   (suspect the later is a use of the IF or CASE command, but since I don't know how to make filemaker look at values in other records, I cannot experiment).


The end result is to create a machine readable EDL that will assemble the clips for viewing in the order I have defined.


Thanks heaps for the help.