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Making import easier for users via a script/extra table?

Question asked by JG on Apr 23, 2013
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Making import easier for users via a script/extra table?


     Hi there,

     I've got a short import script set up because the data needs to be sent to 2 different tables (members and attendance). However, my tables have many more fields than the spreadsheet we're importing, and my users are finding it difficult to match them up and remember which are match fields and which aren't, etc.

     It'd be easier for them if I made a table just for the imports, with just the fields they're familiar with from the spreadsheets - no dragging field names around or remembering symbols, settings, etc. Then I could take the data from that table and put it in the 'real' tables via a script.

     My problem is that I rely on the import process to check if the record is new or an update to an existing one. If I keep adding to the new import-only table, I can do that, but I don't want to have to work through the whole table (growing with every import) to send the data to the real tables.

     Is there a way to constrain my set variable/set field section of the script to just the records from the latest import? Or some other way to handle this more simply?