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Making local fields automatically equal to remote MySQL fields

Question asked by UncleGeo on Jun 5, 2009
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Making local fields automatically equal to remote MySQL fields


I have a connection to an external MySQL database through FM Pro 10. I have a local table and a remote (MySQL) table related via an "item" key -and that's working fine. I'm paranoid about losing the remote data, or having the remote data corrupted, and/or not seeing it because my connection might be down, so I'd like to have fields in the local FM database table that have the same info as the remote fields. Kinda like an offline backup insurance policy.  This way if I can't get online I can still see my data when customers call.


What is the best approach? And are there ways to automate this so it just happens?

  • Ideally, I would enter data in the remote fields and it would showup in the local fields as soon as I exit the remote field. And then it would stay there even if the remote DB changed. This should happen in a new record or when I change data in an old one.
  • Less ideally would be a script/button that copies all the data from the remote fields to the local ones. 

I know I can't just set the local field to = the remote because then if the remote table is corrupted so is my local one.


Part of my question is what the right approach is and part is the how to. I just bought FM 10 after using FM 6 for a zillion years so I'm trying to wrap my feeble brain around this new world.