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Making money with a database

Question asked by Dekade on Jan 10, 2015
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Making money with a database


I have stumbled across a niche where a small very user friendly database could be very helpful to people. People could fill in their own data (relative to the niche market) and thus be of great assistance to them in organizing their own personal information. There is nothing available to do so.

Thus, I have a general topic of curiosity. Can I create a small empty (no records) database program and then sell it as a small software program to individuals over the internet or cloud? Once I have made the database how do I turn it into a software program where I can charge people to buy/use it? Is there a name for this type of creation in Filemaker?

I'm not talking a selling price of hundred's of dollars. I'm looking at offering the solution to people for $10.00 to maybe $30.00 maximum. Probably $10 to $15.

Generally speaking what are the pros and cons? I'm using FMPRO_10_Advanced.

Thanks for your input,