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Making monthly, quarterly averages and totals

Question asked by siddhant530 on Dec 14, 2014
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Making monthly, quarterly averages and totals



I am fairly new to filemaker and i am trying to make a system that calculates some costs and totals based on information that is received from an excel sheet. There is the information that is sorted by months and different vendor names. Each month has multiple vendors and multiple records. What i would like to do is to display some totals and averages based on these records. More specifically, i would not like to show the individual records themselves but rather just the calculations. therefore i would like to calculate the year to date totals, the averages for a certain vendor for each month of the year and the quarterly totals for that particular vendor for the current year. I tried to use the report layout for the totals but that is only helpful displaying the records and the totals, which is not very helpful for what i would like to do. I really would like to show just the figures for each vendor. What would be the best way to achieve this? i would rally appreciate help not only for how to display the calculation but also how to make them in the database. 


Siddhant Gupta