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Making my imported excel database less static

Question asked by StefanSaeys on Jul 27, 2014
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Making my imported excel database less static



     I have a “static” database that I would like to convert to a more flexibel one.
     By posting here I am looking for some tips for a roadmap; or even better a solution :-)
     FM13, 1 database
     2 tables:
     => one table that contains companies with contact persons.
     => 2nd table that contains properties
     Since one contact can be a member of one or more companies (and several contacts can be a member of one company), I would like to make a new table “contacts”.
     In case the contact information changes I only need to update it once.
     Unfortunately the table companies doesn’t contain a unique ID, because they can also be linked to several properties.
     One company can own several properties, but it wasn’t setup with a unique ID. The current link is being done through a portal.
     Identical ID’s are being used in properties to link them with one company.
     Idealy I would like to achieve 3 tables that are linked in an easy way: company, property and contact.
     If anyone has some tips how to achieve this, this would be greatly appreciated.
     Thank you !