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Making one page chart report

Question asked by MarkCampbell on May 12, 2014
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Making one page chart report


Background:  The database has 186 records with a field named Phase which is set to one of five values from a defined value list. I want to make a report with a pie chart depicting the number of records in each phase, so I made a summary field that tabulates the count of Phase and I have a layout with a pie chart depicting this field. I sort the records by Phase and go to the report. So far so good.

Problem: The first "page" looks great however there are 185 other identical pages - one per record. Which makes a huge PDF.

I've Tried to no Avail: Playing with the chart setting (especially data source). Generated the report in Form, List and Table views. Changed setting in the summary field definition. Played with the layout settings. Regenerated another layout from scratch. Created a layout from a quick chart.

     How do I make the report return one page with the summary data in one pie chart - and not with repeated pages for each record.

     (attached image shows a typical page - note page counter in upper left - page 152 of 186)