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Making other fields fill in during on records created in a portal.

Question asked by MiloMV on Jan 3, 2011
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Making other fields fill in during on records created in a portal.


Thanks for your help and I have adjustd my database to use a generated id# which I am now using as the key link instead of the firstname and lastname fields. However this created another problem. For simplicity sake I will explain using just two of my tables:

1) DONORS, which holds all the donner contact information including  the fields: "idnumber", "firstname", "lastname" , address, etc. 2) DONATIONS, which  holds the donations given with the fields: idnumber", "firstname", "lastname"," "date" and "amount."

I linked the DONORS and DONATIONS tables with the idnumber field and  opened a portal in the DONORS table that lists all the dates and  donation amounts brought in from the DONATIONS table. I have it set up  so you can enter the date and donation amount right in the portal on the  DONOR table and it creates the corresponding record in the DONATIONS  table.

My layout for the DONATIONS table shows all the record fields. But now when I create a new record in the portal on my DONORS layout, the new record only contains the idnumber, the date, and the amount. It did not automatically fill in the "firstname" and "lastname" fields - they are left blank. When I originally used those two fields as the match fields, of course they were filled in, but using the idnumber, the name doesn't come over as well. I really would like the firstname and last name to appear on each new record.

I have tried to make other link connections to correct this but have not been successful. Sorry for the bother but am greatful for any help with this. Milo