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Making preview and screen size identical

Question asked by LeoB on Sep 15, 2010
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Making preview and screen size identical


Wow.  I was working on a FMP10 Adv database until last June, then was pulled off for a few months on another project and just started back at it.  This forum has changed drastically!

The database I'm developing is to be used in kiosk mode by the user and the users will mostly have quite limited computer skills.  They will be able to do some basic word processing and e-mail via Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. but cannot be relied upon to use FMP in full mode, and there's no time/way to train them.  Everything has to be WYSIWYG and all movements controlled by buttons.  They will have the capability to print all screens, and I want the printouts to look exactly like what they see on their computer.

Whilst trying to get my brain back into FMP mode, I realized that my preview screen is not exactly matching my on-screen layouts.  I'm currently printing to standard US letter format size, and will later have to modify it to A4 size as potential users could have either.

Does anybody have any guidance to any tutorials anywhere that might help?  I have two books I'm using for reference (FMP Pro 10 Bible and FMP10: The Missing Manual) and can find no joy in either.