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Making records invisible, in all cases.

Question asked by lijnbach on Feb 20, 2014
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Making records invisible, in all cases.


I desperate need to make records invisible, in all cases.


The database in Filemaker contains employees. As well “active” employees as “inactive” employees. (Inactive means they are not working for the company anymore).


According our tax authorities we are obliged to keep these inactive records for seven years, but, they may not be changed in any case.


I have no problem writing a script that selects only the “active” employees and use these records in a lay out, and the “inactive” employees in another lay out in which only viewing is possible.


But, if somebody uses the button “view all” they can see and change also the inactive employees. The same problem with the standard search in the menu, they can find and change the inactive employees. (And also when they push the green button).


I worked a lot with Access in the past, and in access this is a peace of cake. Just make a query and use the query for a lay out. I know Filemaker doesn’t have this function, but is there another way? (I like Filemaker, but to be honest, I miss the query function terribly).


And, I also searched in the forum. I found similar questions, but not an answer that helps me to solve this problem. Also I don't want to dump the inactive records in another table, because sometimes "inactive" employees become "active" again. So, I want them all in one table.


Can somebody help me out?


Hans Lijnbach.