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Making records relate to each other

Question asked by tomgbernard on Apr 22, 2012
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Making records relate to each other


FMP11: Each record has unique serial #...

I have a hidden "related records" field - which allows 2 or more records to link to each other...

When I create a related record from the current record, the current record puts it's SR# into the new "related records" field. (this works fine).

I can't get the new record to put its new SR# into the originating record.

In other words, both records should end up with the other's SR# in a field.

I'm trying to calc the next SR# before it is created & pasting it into the "related records" field before actually creating the new record... (not having luck)...

1. How can I check the current "last SR#" and add 1 to it and paste it into a field... OR

2. Would it be easier to create the new record first and copy its SR# - then paste it back into the originating record - then back to the new record...

I'm looking for the cleanest solution possible.

Thanx all.