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    Making Sure All Fields Are Completed



      Making Sure All Fields Are Completed


           Hey Everybody,

           I want to prevent a user from moving on to the next record unless he/she has answered every field in the form, but am unsure how to do so.



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               The simplest way to do this is to use Manage | database | fields to open up field options for each field on your layout and select the "not empty" validation option.

               A more complex, but possibly more user friendly method might be to use OnRecordCommit to perform a script that checks each field in turn and displays an error message. The scripted method allows you to provide more precise feedback, it can put the cursor in the first empty field detected and show a custom dialog message like: "A completion date must be entered."

               I've also used conditional formatting to specify a bright yellow fill color on all empty, required fields as an added visual feedback to the user that these fields need data.