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Making Text Boxes/Fields smaller

Question asked by DanielPinder on Feb 11, 2014
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Making Text Boxes/Fields smaller


     Is there a trick to reining in text boxes and fields containing text? Some of the fonts I'm needing to use don't seem to make sense where they decide to stop allowing themselves to be resized. I'm using Myriad Pro and Avenir, for example. No matter how small I make the text box, the text hangs at the top of the box and there's a big, meaningless margin of emptiness below it. It is making my small-height list views labored and difficult and generally suboptimal. I would welcome any ideas how to:

     1. Make the box smaller than the font thinks it "needs" to be. Is this ultimately, a Merge Field thing?

     2. how to make the text sit in the middle of a text box. I'm clicking the various text alignment buttons, but some fonts don't respond correctly to this.