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Making the portal scroll to a particular record

Question asked by ralvy on May 9, 2009
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Making the portal scroll to a particular record


I have a solution that has different layouts with a portal on each one, where each portal is sorted by Agent Name. In each portal, there are a couple buttons in each portal row, where each button allows the user to move to a different layout for that particular Agent. However, the layout they land on will also have a portal of Agents. What I need is for the user to not see the the portal in the next layout reset the scroll bar. I want to be able to have the button script load the next layout with the chosen Agent appearing at the top of the portal, or at least be clearly present in the view without further scrolling.


I guess I need the script to find the portal row that houses the given Agent in the layout that's called, and then go to that portal row. I don't see how a script can find what portal row a given record is on. That might help.