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Malfunction in Using the "Enter/Return" Key for Finding

Question asked by Mingrl88 on Oct 22, 2013
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Malfunction in Using the "Enter/Return" Key for Finding


     Hi All, 

     I have a button that users click to go into find mode. When they do this all fields get little magnifying glasses on them and can be searched. Sometimes when you finish typing in your search parameters and click "enter/return" for pc/mac then it will just perform the find and all is well. However, sometimes when you hit the "enter/return" button it acts like a tab and goes to the next field with the magnifying glass, this can even happen several times before it finally performs the find.

     Does anyone know how to make it so once you finish entering in your search materials if you hit "enter/return" it always preforms the find, and not moves to the next field? I don't even know what is controlling it, I have the "set tabs" on the layout selected and it seems to follow that pattern, but "enter" should not be "tab" right?