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    Man, I'm tired of the inspector resizing!



      Man, I'm tired of the inspector resizing!


      One extremely annyoing thing in FM11 is the resizing of the Inspector, depending on what kind of item you currently have marked.

      Eg, when I click on a field, the inspector go this size, when I click a text object, it goes that size.

      When editing a layout, the inspector behaves like a flipper game in the periphery, resizing all the time. 

      This is driving me nuts!! I can't understand how a thing like this pass the beta stage...

      Except for the whining, is there anything I can do about this? Turning the inspector off doesn't work, because someone have decided that it should be visible again when you doubleclick a field. Furthermore it's not that practical because a lot of the editing is done from the Inspector in FM11.

      The perfect solution would be if the Inspector could have a locked size.

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          I just entered layout mode and tried clicking on different objects including fields and layout text. I never saw the inspector change size.

          I'm using Windows XP.

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            So, it's a Mac OS X thing. (Sorry about not mention this.)

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              Perhaps it's a Mac OS issue, or perhaps we just haven't identified why it happens for you and not for me...

              Any other Mac users out there that can confirm this behavior?

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                Not only a Mac thing ... it does it to me constantly and I'm Windows XP Professional SP2 with FMPA 11v.0v2.  It drives me crazy as well and I STILL can find no pattern.

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                  Weird that I don't see it happing on my systems that use Windows XP. Can't imagine that service pack 3, the only difference I see between LaRetta's systems and mine could be the issue...

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                    Agreed that it shouldn't be the issue.  There is another ... I use dual monitor and sometimes have my other windows (debug etc) on the other monitor.  It can also cause FM to 'lose' my script windows.  I doub that is connected but it is the only thing I can think of.  Inspector will open to minimum size height (sections all expanded - just only 2" in height).  I resize it then the next time I switch windows or go to look for it, it's at the bottom of my current monitor all scrunched again.

                    I haven't had time to play with it to attempt to look for real patterns - I'm just finishing a rollout which is taking all of my energy. 

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                      Mac OS X 10.6.4 w/two large monitors . . . . Although I find it a real PITA to deal with the inspector (probably due to old habits refusing to die) I haven't had the problem of the inspector resizing or moving.


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                        What I see resizing a lot is in the Data tab, the Data Formatting section. It is because a Text field has very few options, whereas a Timestamp, Date, Time or Number field have more, especially if a special format, such as Decimal has been applied. So I see it bouncing down the options, or pulling them up; which it kind of has to do.

                        It is a little distracting, but I'm learning to "not look" at the Inspector unless I need to. Sometimes I'll close the darn thing, like when selecting fields and moving them around, where Inspector kind of goes crazy, but I'm not using it. It also takes up a fair amount of room. But I have a 24" screen, so I can put it off to the right, and mostly keep it out of my face.

                        At first I hated it, because I knew the command keys down pat, and was used to the simpler (larger, centered) dialogs. But now I've gotten used to it. I realize that it saves me a lot of time, especially when making several adjustments at once.

                        Some pet peeves however: 1. It should have an option to make it a little bigger. The text is kind of small, and not all of us have perfect vision. 2. There should be a toggle to "collapse all" and "open all"; it could be a little widget at top right, and/or Option/Alt key when clicking one of them; most apps with pallets like this have that. That would save having to use the keyboard to close/reopen it, as it would no longer take up much room. Command keys to flip and align it to the left or right side of the screen would be nice. Or I can just buy that 27" monitor :-]

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                          I agree, Fenton.  In my case however, it isn't just resizing depending upon the text selected.  The sections stay fully maximized and the entire Inspector window simply resizes to 2" tall (even if nothing is selected) and all sections are maximized.  I suppose it is a Windows interpretation thing.  Maybe later I'll try it on my Mac at home to see how it REALLY should behave. :^)

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                            Thank you for your posts.

                            For those who cannot see the movement, create a layout with two fields.  Format one of the fields to be standard Edit box, and format the other field to be a pop-up menu.  In the Data tab, when you select between the two fields, the Inspector size will adjust to show the additional option for the Value List name.  Change the field format to drop-down, and the Inspector will expand further to display "Include arrow to show and hide list".  This occurs on both Mac OS and Windows computers.

                            I encourage all of your to enter a suggestion into our Feature Requests web form at:


                            These web form suggestions are monitored and read by members of our Development and Product Management departments where the suggestions are discussed and considered for future releases.  I could copy your posts and paste them into the web form, but there are a couple of questions asked that only you can answer.

                            FileMaker, Inc.

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                              Thanks for the clarification TSGal. And thankyou all who answered, now lets go and fill in that form! :)