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Man, I'm tired of the inspector resizing!

Question asked by carlsson_1 on Nov 5, 2010
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Man, I'm tired of the inspector resizing!


One extremely annyoing thing in FM11 is the resizing of the Inspector, depending on what kind of item you currently have marked.

Eg, when I click on a field, the inspector go this size, when I click a text object, it goes that size.

When editing a layout, the inspector behaves like a flipper game in the periphery, resizing all the time. 

This is driving me nuts!! I can't understand how a thing like this pass the beta stage...

Except for the whining, is there anything I can do about this? Turning the inspector off doesn't work, because someone have decided that it should be visible again when you doubleclick a field. Furthermore it's not that practical because a lot of the editing is done from the Inspector in FM11.

The perfect solution would be if the Inspector could have a locked size.