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    Manage Databases Missing?



      Manage Databases Missing?



           I'm inheriting a system from a predecessor and I'm trying to map out the data structure.  I have used Filemaker in the past but have never run into this situation.  When I open up the system, the File menu is very sparse...as in the Manage->Databases is missing.  There's very little contact with the previous developer so I need to be able to get into the system.  I have attached a screenshot of what I see.

           Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

           Thanks for looking.



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               Looks like a custom menu was installed on this menu that omits those options. You may also be opening a file where File Options is auto-entering a password with a limited access privilege set.

               Try using the Custom Menus option in the tools menu that's part of FileMaker Advanced to specify standard menus for this layout.

               Try holding down the shift (WIndows) or Option (Mac) key while opening the file to see if you get a request for a password.

               And be advised that if you are doing this on a Mac system, a keychain setting may be entering a limited access password on your behalf.

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                 Thanks for the input. The Custom Menus option is disabled and when I load it up with the Shift key, it does indeed ask for username/password but the one that was left for me is apparently incorrect.  

                 Is there any way around this? Assume that we cannot contact the previous admin...

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                   If you can't open the file yourself with full access, you have a problem. At one time, FileMaker would, for a fee, open such a database for you if you can prove that you own the file and the data in it. I don't know if they still offer that service. I've also heard of using a 3rd party utility to "hack" a FileMaker database open by inserting a new admin level account into the file though I've never used such myself.

                   You might also want to try different ways to capitalize the password if you were supposedly given the full access password and it's not working. Also, you need specify both the password and the account name when logging in. FileMaker will enter the current system's user name as the default password and that might not be the account name specified for the password. (This info may be very well known to you, but it's tripped up others in the past.)

                   It's also possible to use FileMaker Advanced to remove the admin level account so that no account name and password can open that copy of the file with full access.

                   Your company might want to have a lawyer contact the previous employee for the correct access information if you do not have a full access account/password available. I'm not a lawyer, but I suspect that they can make a good case for treating the issue as a form of "employee sabotage" and go after him for damages if they don't produce a way to edit the file.

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                     Backing up databases regularly and having documentation about accessing the database is fairly important.

                     There is a utility that claims to gain access to a database when the password is unknown. I have not tried it.