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    Manage External Data Source



      Manage External Data Source


           Windows FM v12 I have separate layout and data databases, so that I can make changes to layouts without distubing data.

           Manage is not working for me: File missing on all of my layouts.

           External data source (details) is coded as:

           filewin:/D:/Access/WoodstockJobBank/Woodstock Area Job Bank - Data

           Name is WAJB Data and Type is Filemaker - it is an fmp12 file.

           Note-same directory as Layout file.

           Made entry, shut down program, and started up again - no change.

           Any clues?




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               Is this setting in your Layout file or your data file? It should be in your layout file and refer to the data file.

               Easiest way to update the external data source reference is to double click it, clear the contents and use the Add button to select the data file. This lets FileMaker make an entry with correct syntax.

               Since the data file is in the same folder as the layout file, this entry need not be anything more than:


               This is a "relative path" reference that tells FileMaker: "Open the file with this name located in the same folder as I (The Layout file) am located."

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                 External data sources setyting is in the Layouts file ointing to the Data file.

                 I have indeed deleted the entry and Added it again to be sure it is correct.

                 I have also tried just file:filename.

                 Nothing is working.

                 What I can do is go to my relationships, which show all of my tables as "Data Source Missing", double-click on the table and select WAJB (the name I assigned in External Data Sources.

                 But I have to do this for every table, obviously impratical.

                 But the database does see my data file: but does not reconnect the tables in it.

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                   You are correct. It does not automatically update your table occurrences. Like it or not, you have to manually recconnect each table occurrence to refer to the new external data source.

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                     I am blown away.

                     I had just assumed this should happen automatically: I have been doing this in Access (with automatic reconnect) for at least 10 years...

                     Is the double-click on each table in Relationships the standard way of reconnecting?

                     When I send a new version to my client, who has a Mac, do I need a seond external data source poiting to her file?

                     What if it is the same data file name in the same directory: would the realtive file structure work, assuming she stilldoes the reconnect as above?

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                       As long as the filename of the referenced file does not change and you can use a relative path reference, you do not need to update the external data source reference. If you do need to change a file name or location, you can edit the existing data source reference and you should not need to touch the individual table occurrences that use this external data source reference as long as it still has the same data source tables.