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Managing access to allow user to delete only the records s/he created

Question asked by FranziskaBlome on Aug 17, 2014
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Managing access to allow user to delete only the records s/he created


     I have a question regarding managing access for a group of users who are all in the same organization, but different departments.
     One of them is testing out the database I created in FMP12 Pro right now, but their IT department offered to host it on FMP Server 12, which will probably solve the issues I was afraid of using peer-to-peer sharing if perhaps they're not on the same network.

     There will be 10 users (including admin) with different privileges, some full access, some read-only, and a few users are supposed to be able to only enter records and edit/delete those records, the records they created themselves. I'm not sure that's possible. Under manage security > edit accounts > privilege sets I see options for “read only” and “data only”, but not for “data entry and delete only those records” - would that involved scripting or is that simply not possible?

     And a quick question about the work flow: Should I set up these user accounts with passwords and privileges in FMP12 advanced, before the database gets transferred to FMP Server, or do I set them in FMP server, after installing it there?

     I have zero experience with Server, I'm assuming (but pls correct me if I'm wrong), that I just copy/move the file to that hosting computer and then open it with FMP Server, and that everything will look and function the same.