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    Managing Accounts



      Managing Accounts & Privileges


      I am using FM 10. My file is shared & accessed remotely. My question is:

      Is it possible to limit a user(s) access to records created by a specific privilege set? If so, how would that calulation be written? The reason being is I will have one or more users assigned to the same privilege set, and any record created by that set will be viewable & modifiable, etc. by that set.




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          Howdy Jeff_D,

          Thanks for the post...I wrestled through this one already and yes...you can.


          In FMP8 help it gives a good example of tagging records to people's accountname.  I assume it's the same general help exaple in FMP10 (not sure).  You want to do the same thing, but with PrivilegeSetName rather than AccountName.


          You would need to tag each record with the privilegesetname as an autoenter upon creation in a field (call it PrivSetName)

          Get (PrivilegeSetName)


          Managing your Privileges, you would use "custom" privileges for records and use the calculation

          "User can access records when:"

          PrivSetName = Get (PrivilegeSetName)


          I may have some labels wrong since I'm on FMP8 and FMP9 rather than FMP10, but I'm wuite sure that FMP10 will have the same general design.


          Was I clear enough?

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               Thank you again for your quick responses!
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              Hi Ninja. It's been a while since this message.

              My PC is the host and we have several other users at this location using this program via the filemaker network.

              The privilege sets I set up for each user works the way it's suppose to to. We have other 5 other locations. So I had one of these remote stores to begin using this program. What's worked fine here doesn't there.

              I limited the access to each user's records by the calculation Privsetname = Get(PrivilegeSetName). Well what is happening, the user(at the remote store) can create a record but can not edit or modify or input any other info into this record that he created, not until I change The record access back to "Yes" can he edit the record. 


              Any thoughts?

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                I've read this posting and please tell me in simple language exactly what I am suppose to do to fix this problem I'm having.

                Is there a functiion called gPrivSet?