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Managing active/inactive records in a pop-up menu

Question asked by KevinThompson on Jan 10, 2014
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Managing active/inactive records in a pop-up menu


     I'm having a heck of a time with this in multiple databases, and obviously missing something!  Here's a simple example - 

     There's a table that lists all the equipment in a plant, with an active/inactive field.  There's another table with a pop-up menu where the user selects an item from the equipment list, and there's a join table in-between.  If an equipment record is inactive, then I do not want it to show up in the list.  

     Right now I create a calculation field in the equipment table that only shows equipment that is active, and then reference that field for the pop-up list, but if that equipment is switched to inactive I lose the reference, and then I add all kinds of scripting to prevent or fix.

     Am I missing something?  Please help!  Thanks!