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managing multiple images in one record

Question asked by cliffacconci on Nov 19, 2010
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managing multiple images in one record



I am creating a database which keeps track of architecture projects.  Each record has one architecture project which should have multiple images of the architectural process (an image of a drawing, a photo of a model, a photo of the building, etc.)  When the record is choosen, I would like to view one image at a time and create a previous and next button to cycle through these images. 

From reading previous forums, it seems I have to create what is called a 'portal' between two tables,my architecture projects and an 'image storage' table.  I don't really understand how portals work but I have created a 'image storage' table with one container field which holds 5 repetitions(one repetition for each image of a project.)  This is where I don't know what to do. 

Do I create an image container field with the same name in my architecture inventory table?  And if I do this, when I try to create a relationship, container fields are greyed-out and do I make the relationship the "=" sign?Once this relationship is created properly, If a user creates a new record in the architecture inventory, can they just drag and drop new images into empty repetitions slots on the image field displayed in the portal?

Also, once I establish this portal and get it to work, is it possible to create  two buttons to cycle through the 5 images held in this repetition? like a previous and next button.

help, confused!