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    Managing Multiples Files Within A Record



      Managing Multiples Files Within A Record


      I've been reading through the forums and continue to find varied answers about managing multiple files within a record. Can somebody please explain the easiest/best way to set this up?

      Quick Background:

      I am a talent agent and I have various projects that I have to manage for various clients. Basically they are scripts and storyboards [but often there are multiple versions of the storyboard/script and I want all of them for reference]. 


      I've tried to use portals and create JobID relationships that associate the scripts with a certain JobID within a separate table that contains only files [pdf's jpegs, etc], but that seems really cumbersome for something that Bento can do really easily. I don't even need to store these scripts within Filemaker. I save these scripts in client by client files located on a local network. All I want is a reference to the file so that when I'm flipping through active jobs and I need to check a script, I can just double click it and it will open in Acrobat. Does this make sense? I've created this in Bento just to show as an example...

      Any ideas welcome.





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          So for a given client you may have any number of projects and for any given project you could have any number of PDF files?

          In FileMaker, you'd set it up this way:


          Clients::ClientID = Projects::ClientID
          Projects::ProjectID = Documents::ProjectID

          With these relationships, you can put a portal to Documents on your projects layout and use a container field defined in Documents to store a reference to PDF files associated with a given project.

          This assumes that a given document is never part of more than one project. If a document can be associated with more than one project, a different relationship and an added table will be needed to manate the resulting many to many relationship.

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            Ok, this is what I figured. Right now, I'm not associating anything with clients. The table is called "Leads" and within that table is a field for Clients [it's a pop up menu].


            For this Documents table, what would I name the fields? Obviously there would need to be an association between the JobID's, but what would I call the field  that contains the reference file, this is a container field correct?

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              Whether you call them "leads" or "clients", I recommend the use of three tables and the relationships shown--provided that you will use this information in the way I have assumed.

              You can name the fields as you see fit. The field names don't affect function.

              You would use a container field to store the reference to a single document.

              Clients::ClientID and Projects::ProjectID (or whatever you choose to name them) should be defined as auto-entered serial number fields so that each new record created in these two tables is automatically given a unique identifier for use in relationships.

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                Ok, it's starting to come along. Am I ONLY able to add files [pdfs, jpegs, etc] to the Documents field via the documents table or am I able to add files via the portal as well?

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                  No reason why you can't do it in the portal as well. Frequently, the "allow creation of records via this relationship" option is specified for the portal table in the relationship that set's it up. With this option, you can create new related records in the portal just by entering data into the bottom blank row of the portal. (And inserting a document into the container field would be one case of entering such data...)