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Managing Multiples Files Within A Record

Question asked by mattatobsidian on Jan 23, 2012
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Managing Multiples Files Within A Record


I've been reading through the forums and continue to find varied answers about managing multiple files within a record. Can somebody please explain the easiest/best way to set this up?

Quick Background:

I am a talent agent and I have various projects that I have to manage for various clients. Basically they are scripts and storyboards [but often there are multiple versions of the storyboard/script and I want all of them for reference]. 


I've tried to use portals and create JobID relationships that associate the scripts with a certain JobID within a separate table that contains only files [pdf's jpegs, etc], but that seems really cumbersome for something that Bento can do really easily. I don't even need to store these scripts within Filemaker. I save these scripts in client by client files located on a local network. All I want is a reference to the file so that when I'm flipping through active jobs and I need to check a script, I can just double click it and it will open in Acrobat. Does this make sense? I've created this in Bento just to show as an example...

Any ideas welcome.