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    Managing Privileges



      Managing Privileges


           I'm trying to limit users access to the edit layout button.  I've set up a custom privilege, set up what layouts the user can see (and where he/she starts) but the Edit Layouts button is always active. 

           In the Custom Layout Privileges I chose the layout and chose View only and still the user can click the button and see the edit layout page.  They can't make changes, but I don't want them even having the ability to click the button.

           I've even tried the "Available menu commands" and set it to Editing only, but then the "Find" and "Sort" Buttons are disabled.

           Any thoughts?


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               I've tried several different settings--including a new privilege set and the data entry only defaut privilege set on a WIndows 7 system with FileMaker 12 and I cannot reproduce this behavior. I can see the edit layout button and the view menu option for layout mode, but they are disabled and I cannot select those options if I open the database with a password with either of these non- full access privilege set accounts.

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                 Thanks Phil,

                 I don't know what it was, but I created a duplicate privilige set from the read only set and just keep adding things in until I got what I wanted.