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    Managing Security - creating a new account



      Managing Security - creating a new account & privilege set


           Im using FM Pro 11 on a PC.  I have a custom database which I give to my clients.  I don't want them to have [full access}.  So I go to Manage Security and change one of the accounts that is listed (clients) with the limited access that I like. I then use a descriptive name usually 2 words (Sales Manager). I chose a privilege set limiting access to layout design and or scripts etc.  I create a password and do not allow user to change it.  Save it and enter my Admin authorization Password to prove I have authorization and all seems well.  I Close it and test it, so  far no problem.  I then "quit" the app and open the "starter file" that opens all the files.  About half of the files do not open because the account ( Name & or PW)does not match any account authorized to access the file.  I open it with my Admin account and see that the new user name has reverted to what it was (clients).  This is not consistent for some of the files and I don't know how to fix it.


           Any Ideas anyone?


           Jan Slort

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               You need matching account names and passwords in each file. This is one reason why it can be nice to put all your tables in one file--it simplifies the account management issues involved.

               Ways to manage multiple accounts across multiple files:

               If your are using server, set up external server authorization.

               Scripts can be set up that create identical accounts and passwords in a set of files. You enter an account name, a password and a privilege set name into  fields and then a script does the rest.

               "Utility files" for which all users need the same level of access can be set to auto enter a limited access account name and password in File Options for that file. The developer can still open the file with full access privileges if they hold down the shift (WIndows) or option (Mac) key while opening the file.