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Managing Security - creating a new account

Question asked by janslort on Nov 13, 2013
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Managing Security - creating a new account & privilege set


     Im using FM Pro 11 on a PC.  I have a custom database which I give to my clients.  I don't want them to have [full access}.  So I go to Manage Security and change one of the accounts that is listed (clients) with the limited access that I like. I then use a descriptive name usually 2 words (Sales Manager). I chose a privilege set limiting access to layout design and or scripts etc.  I create a password and do not allow user to change it.  Save it and enter my Admin authorization Password to prove I have authorization and all seems well.  I Close it and test it, so  far no problem.  I then "quit" the app and open the "starter file" that opens all the files.  About half of the files do not open because the account ( Name & or PW)does not match any account authorized to access the file.  I open it with my Admin account and see that the new user name has reverted to what it was (clients).  This is not consistent for some of the files and I don't know how to fix it.


     Any Ideas anyone?


     Jan Slort